The most innovative technical material

Our long tradition of innovation results in a new polyurethane foam that is incorporated in end-products to provide them with very special features. This new material with superior characteristics, known as High Performance Neumatic, has been developed by the R&D department.

Pagola Poliuretanos presenta HPNeumatic, la más innovadora espuma de poliuretano.

Its precise high recovery rate of the original shape after pressing is a well appreciated feature for mattress manufacturing, resulting in the optimization of storage and transportation costs.

With High Performance Neumatic,
mattresses are ready to use in a minimum time
and in perfect conditions.

Range of products

High Performance HP Neumatic comprises a catalogue of industrial polyurethane products in a wide variety of colours and densities.

These products allow Pagola Poliuretanos
to meet the requirements
and technical specifications
of end-products for a wide range of industries.